York Creek Red Angus


Bull Sale Catalog 2021

York Creek Red Angus is a family Red Angus seedstock operation in Northeastern Nebraska, approximately 35 miles north of Omaha.

York Creek Red Angus was started in 1997 with the purchase of 11 heifers and a bull from the Petersen Red Angus herd in Purdum, Nebraska. At York Creek Red Angus we strive to produce easy fleshing, high performance cattle that can excel in all production settings throughout North America. Our philosophy in the breeding program has been to seek out genetics that combine first and foremost exceptional pedigree and phenotype, with high individual performance and a balanced EPD set.

We have made a significant investment in acquiring some of the top donor females in the breed because we believe that it is the cowherd backing the progeny being marketed that truly separates the best seedstock operations from the rest. Embryo transfer will allow us to build cow families around these foundation females more quickly and consistently, while also allowing our bull customers access to sons of some of the best cows in the breed in larger quantity.

Bulls are sold annually on the third Wednesday in March at Dunlap Livestock inĀ  Dunlap, IA. Look for York Creek Red Angus cattle and frozen genetics being offered in Denver on the Mile High Classic and Reds on the Rocks sales.

Bred heifers are offered by private treaty in the fall.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call, and thank you for your time!